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This page mainly documents most of my projects so far, including those that have made it to the stage, those that are still design drafts and some of my work projects.

​theatre project

The two projects included here are the two productions officially staged at the theatre.

​A Doll’s House

​costume designer

Directed by - Blanche Mclntyre

Produced by - RWCMD Richard Burton Theatre- Cardiff 2021 

螢幕快照 2022-05-11 上午12.20.15.png

​In the Blood

​costume assistant

Directed by - Lekan Lawal Produced by - RWCMD Sherman Theatre (Main Stage) - Cardiff 2020 

螢幕快照 2022-05-10 下午10.46.46.png

​design project

The four projects included here are mainly design-based, and basically all the work is still drawings or simply still display pieces. They contain a mixture of lessons from school and my own independent projects.


​costume designer



​costume designer

未命名的作品 9.jpg

​Hansel & Gretel

​costume designer

螢幕快照 2022-05-10 下午8.36.17.png

​the Picture of Dorian Gray

​costume designer

2019-11-24 00413.jpg

Independent project

These two projects are mainly my work projects and some of my freelance illustrations.

​Badge Design


​Free Creation

未命名的作品 17.JPG

​Skill project

The main demonstration of skills will be shown here.

Costume  Making

未命名的作品 12.jpg
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