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This is an invitation to work on a project I accepted back in 2021, working on a re-creation of the college badge for the Harry Potter IP.

​Mood Board

I was inspired by the animal symbols of the House and the symbolism of the House, visualising and combining these elements. Ravenclaw's animal symbol is the raven, and the House prefers to recruit good students to study at its House. The symbol of the House is a gift of good wishes to the students, hoping that each young raven that enters the House will become a learned wizard in the future.

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​Mood Board

The animal symbol of Slytherin is the snake and the house prefers to recruit more ambitious students to study in its own house, each of whom is like a handpicked ambitious person. They are voracious learners on their way through the house, like snakes guarding their treasure, just like the symbolic animal of the house. Ambitious and radiant.

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