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​The Picture Of Dorian Gray

​Costume Design & Set Design





This project was my design project, chosen from Wilde's novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, and I was inspired by the decaying process of those creatures. Dorian Gray also resembles the decaying process of these creatures, as he chooses a dangerous path in order to keep his face and eventually suffers a strong backlash. From extreme beauty to extreme ugliness, I have used the effect of dyeing pure white clothing to show this process of transformation.


螢幕快照 2022-05-08 下午4.58.06.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-08 下午5.00.29.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-08 下午5.01.26.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-08 下午5.00.47.png
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