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Hansel & Gretel

Costume Design





For the Hansel & Gretel project, I not only designed the costumes of the characters, but also created one of the costumes. In this project, I was inspired by the transformation of two scenes. The two siblings enter the forest and are separated from the depression of the real world, as if they have entered their own fantasy world. And in the social context of the time, the siblings' father is a poor worker, but the family's life is also full of contradictions due to the oppression of capital and the development of technology. Under the oppression, the siblings seek release in a fantasy world.

​Concept & Process

螢幕快照 2022-05-10 下午10.43.53.png

​Mood Board

I was inspired by the transformation of some real objects to create a distorted world. The scene is very different from the real world and thus serves as a dividing line between before and after entering the forest. It is also more like the perception of the world in the eyes of the children who build it.

螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.12.png


The design of the costume is also based on the transformation and reorganisation of many items. We have searched for many examples of children's work in the field of waste transformation.

螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.28.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.39.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.46.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.51.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-23 上午12.33.21.png


​First Illustrations(2021)
螢幕快照 2022-05-22 下午10.34.10.png
​Second Illustrations(2022)
未命名的作品 10.jpg

Garment Making

​First Garment Making
螢幕快照 2022-05-22 下午10.32.00.png
螢幕快照 2022-05-22 下午10.32.20.png
未命名的作品 21.jpg
Second Garment Making

The second garment was made because of some problems with the first one. We have also improved the text push that was present in the previous set.

未命名的作品 14.jpg
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