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​In The Blood


​Director  Lekan Lawal 

​Product by   RWCMD




This is a play for which I was costume assistant, it was produced by RWCMD and staged at the Sherman Theatre, In this production I was responsible for helping the designer to find a suitable costume or to create a costume according to the design provided by the designer, and for keeping track of the costume department's spending on the production and keeping a register of returns and exchanges. The following is a summary of my work.


Before the play starts, we have an initial study of the script so that we have a better idea of how many outfits the actors will need to change in the play. This also allowed us to better understand the designs given by the designers and to keep track of how many things we needed to find for each costume.

未标题-1_画板 1.jpg

Process Pictures

My main task in the preparation process was to create the last two sets of costume for the Reverend and to keep track of the budget.

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未标题-4_画板 1.jpg
未标题-5_画板 1.jpg
Some pictures from rehearsals

​Show Day Video

Photography by - Rita Sang
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